Maintenance and upgrading are done in 3 steps:

  • Global expertise on all fire equipment from the fleet to make a point of reference,
  • A maintenance and repair plan for each equipment set following a campaign of tests and our experience,
  • Maintenance training for all operators likely to intervene on fire equipment.

BAUMERT optimizes this service to ensure operability and certification of each door in nuclear power plants.

In 2012, Baumert has developed a maintenance management software. It is to list all the doors of the operating fleet, including all information and certifications to follow the life of the equipment (modifications, repairs, decommissioning, etc.)

Moreover, BAUMERT acts with qualified technical teams located throughout the French territory for the 58 reactors.

Their missions are:

  • To carry out preventive and curative maintenance rounds on safety equipment, according to maintenance plans to ensure their integrity (safety criteria: fire, sealing, etc.) and their operability,
  •  Perform upgrade work on existing facilities, particularly for post- Fukushima earthquake reinforcement structure, changes or modifications to doors, protection against tornadoes, etc.
  • Install protections against radioactivity to allow other companies to perform their work safely (lead mattress, other steel or plastic protections).