Hardly of its leading position of the fire-resistant aluminium joinery since 1996, BAUMERT answers the evolutions of the regulations and the architectural trends as designer and manufacturer of the ranges ALUFLAM, ACIERFLAM and BOISFLAM.


The panel of products developed and certified since the creation of BAUMERT in 1933, brings to standard products such as the CASSIOPEE, VEGA, GPR doors and more but also to special tailor-made products.


Thanks to its expertise and its capacities of development, BAUMERT is able to transform a problem of protection into a specific and dedicated solution, in the respect and the application of the standards of confidentiality.


Introduced into the nuclear industry since the beginning of the French program, BAUMERT is specialized in the manufacturing of every type of technical doors and subdivisions corresponding to the most demanding safety standards to offer a protection against every type of risks.