The ACIERFLAM glazed windows are made of a steel frame that is thermally insulated to ensure stability in the fire. The finish is provided by a skin of aluminium or stainless steel plates. This system allows the creation of very large interior partitions and elegant back and forth door units, which all equipment is hidden.

The ACIERFLAM range also allows the production of glass floors that enable natural light while confining the spread of fire between floors.

A wide pallet of finishes

  • anodized aluminium
  • powder coated aluminium
  • brushed stainless steel
  • polished stainless steel mirror

Doors’ equipment top of the range

  • Embedded pivots girder
  • Stainless Marshal’s sticks at any optional height
  • DAS systems according to NF certification: closed or open preservation of leaves

Partition and fixed frame ACIERFLAM

Fire Degrees: E30 – EI30 – EI60 – EI90 – EI120

Cloison bord-à-bord ACIERFLAM

Partition edge-to-edge ACIERFLAM

Fire Degrees: EI30 – EI60


Block-door 1 leaf ACIERFLAM

Fire Degrees: E30 – EI30 – EI60

PORTE 2V_acierflam

Block-door 2 leaves ACIERFLAM

Fire Degrees: E30 – EI30 – EI60

Planché vitre_acierflam

Glazed floor ACIERFLAM

Fire Degrees: EI30 – EI60