The glazed joinery ALUPROTEC developed by BAUMERT, are made of aluminium profiles fitted with a composite filling associated with fire resistant glazing. By breakdown of thermal bridges, ALUPROTEC profiles are assembled by crimping-gluing to ensure an elegant and refined finish. The combination of high quality materials allows the realization of fixed and large opening joinery, ensuring the protection of people and property in case of fire and a remarkable supply of light.

A wide choice of finishing

  • Anodized aluminium
  • Coated aluminium benefiting from Qualicoat label
  • Stainless brushed effect or polished aluminium

Built-in equipment for more discretion

  • Standard equipment
  • Anti-panic equipment (emergency exits)
  • Access control
  • DAS systems according to NF certification

A glazing for each application

  • Single glazing with interior quality
  • Double acoustic glazing
  • Double low emissivity or solar controlled glazing
  • Decorative glazing

Partition and fixed frame ALUPROTEC

Fire Degrees: E30 – E60 – EI30 – EI60 – EI90 – EI120

Bord à bord

Partition edge-to-edge ALUPROTEC

Fire Degrees: EI30 – EI60


Block-door 1 leaf ALUPROTEC

Fire Degrees: E30 – EI30 – EI60

Porte 2V

Block-door 2 leaves ALUPROTEC

Fire Degrees: E30 – EI30 – EI60

Ouvrant à la française

French-style opening frame ALUPROTEC

Fire Degrees: E30 – EI30