The glazed joinery BOISFLAM combine European wooden profiles with high performance fire resistant glazing. With a simple design, this range offers economical and reliable solutions to protect people and property against fire. For a more contemporary architectural effect, the BOISFLAM woodwork can be clad on one or both sides of bent metal hoods.

The choice of finishing: the heat of wood or the modernity of metal

  • Wood finish ready to paint
  • Anodized aluminium dressing
  • Powder coated aluminium dressing
  • Stainless brushed dressing
  • Stainless polished mirror dressing
Hall of business building

Partition and fixed frame BOISFLAM

Fire Degrees: E30 – EI30 – EI60

white  meeting room inside of office space

Partition edge-to-edge BOISFLAM

Fire Degrees: EI30 – EI60